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How Employee Welcome Packages Make Your New Employees Feel Valued

You’ve gone through the recruiting process and found a professional who is the right fit or your company. For most companies, the first day for a new employee is filled with training and onboarding tasks. What if your new employees were greeted with a welcome package that impressed them and set the stage for job satisfaction and retention?

According to a study completed by the Society of Human Resources Management, it costs about $4,129 to hire a new employee. Replacing an employee is even more expensive than filling a new position and can cost about 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary.

Making an employee’s first day stand out can set the tone for their tenure with your company. If they feel welcomed and appreciated as soon as they set foot in the office, their excitement and appreciation will increase the odds of long-term retention.


What is an Employee Welcome Package?

A welcome package is a compilation of items that introduce your new employee to your company. It can contain useful items that will help them get their job done as well as items that express the fun side of your brand.

Welcome packages often include pertinent materials, such as company policies and job expectations. These items serve as one of your employee’s first impressions of your company.


Why Provide Employee Welcome Packages?

    • Present your company culture.
      • Your welcome package is a direct reflection of your corporate culture. Most employees have already familiarized themselves with your company, but this is the first tangible experience with your culture. Make them feel welcome and valued with this gesture.
    • Provide necessary paperwork in an appealing display.
      • Employee handbook.
      • HR forms.
      • Organization Chart.
      • Culture Statement.
    • Promote your brand.
      • By providing your employee with complimentary, practical promotional items, you’re creating an ambassador for your brand on the first day. The Ad Specialty Institute (ASI), the world’s largest organization serving the promotional products industry, cited that promotional items are kept for an average of eight months. Providing promotional items up-front provides the opportunity for impressions for months to come.
    • Show your employees they are valued.
      • A welcome package provides a strong foundation for your employees by enveloping them in your corporate culture from the beginning. It shows your excitement for the employee to join your team and sets the standard for how they will be treated going forward.
“The items given to me on the first day of my new job made me feel like part of the team and were useful supplies that I used throughout training.”

– Tyler Bassett, Business Development Representative, Hyphen Solutions


Items to Include in Your Welcome Package

What you decide to include in your welcome package depends on your company. General items include office supplies, coffee mugs, and water bottles. If you’re a tech company, you may opt to include innovative tech items that showcase your company’s ingenuity. The key is to choose items that are practical for use in everyday life in order to promote continuing impressions for your brand.

    • Pens
    • Apparel
    • Water bottle
    • Bottle openers
    • Mousepad
    • Tech items (Battery chargers, charging cables, etc.)

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