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COVID-19 Coronavirus PPE

Gowns – Minimum Quantity: 500
Masks – Minimum Quantity: 1,000
No-Touch Thermometers – Minimum Quantity: 25

Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Disinfectant Gel Packs – Minimum Quantity: 1,000

Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Hand Sanitizer & Mask for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Face Masks – Minimum Quantity: 10,000

1oz Hand Sanitizer – Minimum Quantity: 5000
2oz Hand Sanitizer – Minimum Quantity: 2000

Masks – Minimum Quantity: 150

Gloves – Minimum Quantity: 500


Disinfectant                     ON THE LOOK OUT!
Soap Dishes                     ON THE LOOK OUT!
Hand Soap                       ON THE LOOK OUT!
Soap Bars                         ON THE LOOK OUT!
Surgical & N95 Masks   ON THE LOOK OUT!

*NOTE: All items were in stock with our suppliers as of 4/8/2020. Due to first responder priority and high demand, we cannot guarantee available quantities or minimums until we receive a formal quote request from you. Average delivery: 2-4 weeks.