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How Employee Welcome Packages Make Your New Employees Feel Valued

You’ve gone through the recruiting process and found a professional who is the right fit or your company. For most companies, the first day for a new employee is filled with training and onboarding tasks. What if your new employees were greeted with a welcome package that impressed them and set the stage for job satisfaction and retention?

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The Power of Gift Certificates for Your Business

There are many ways to get your customers’ attention, but what will motivate them to purchase your products or services? Adding gift certificates to your marketing plan is a powerful way to engage customers and keep them coming back. Gift certificates aren’t just for the holidays; they are one of the most common gifts for a host of occasions from birthdays to graduations.

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Reward and Recognize Your Employees

Acknowledging a job well done shows gratitude and inspires your team and business partners to reach for new goals. Our inventive recognition and incentive programs celebrate a variety of milestones and accomplishments.

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Currently Trending

From tech items to outdoor gear, these items are customer favorites. Check out our current trending promotional products!

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Email vs. Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing and email marketing are both essential pieces of your omnichannel marketing mix. These two marketing channels are most effective when they complement one another. It can be just as easy to send a piece of personalized direct mail marketing as it is to send an email, so how do you decide where to start? Using the right marketing channel at each stage of the customer lifecycle will help your business improve response rates, increase ROI, and see the greatest brand impact.

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Increase Loyalty and Sales with an Employee Recognition Program

Today’s competitive business climate requires successful companies to recruit skilled and well-trained employees. These employees have to be motivated to deliver and be rewarded on their performance. Employee recognition should a critical part of your company’s culture, and you’ll see results from implementing a customized program.

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